Donate your Frequent Flyer Miles Before they Expire!

When it comes to airfares, I try to balance the cost of a ticket with my preferred airlines. However, price sometimes trumps allegiance. To date, I have various points spread across several airlines and frequent flyer programs, many of which will be lost over time. But why let them go to waste?

Did you know that you can donate those unused frequent flyer miles to various charities without any cost to you?

For 2015, the  Make-A-Wish Foundation will need nearly 2.5 billion miles or 50,000 round-trip tickets to cover each wish.  Every mile donated helps wish kids and their families travel to destinations around the world. Once donated, your miles will never expire and are used to support wishes across the country.

Photo courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Photo courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Frequent flyer miles currently accepted by the Make-A-Wish foundation website include: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue.

For those one-off carriers that you may never travel with again or if you would prefer to pick a different charity, you can go directly to the airlines website to donate your miles.  Popular US airline donations links are below:

Alaska Airlines

Delta Airlines

United Airlines

Southwest Airlines

American Airlines

Northwest Airlines WorldPerks

Air Canada

Stretch your donation by inquiring if your employer offers a matching program.   Don’t let your miles be wasted! This is just one simple way you can help grant a life-changing wish experience.



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