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When I first thought about making a blog…I thought it was the worst idea in the world…after all, I’m an accountant…NOT a writer! But after living in Belgium for a couple of years and traveling everywhere that I could possibly squeeze into the short 2 year time frame, I found myself dredging up and digging through  old emails to put together a longer-than-life listing of our favorite must see, must dos and must eats for our friends who were looking for those hidden gems in the cities we had already visited!

After returning back to the US, and moving up to the New England area, I decided to make a compilation of these recommendations so that I could easily point other travelers in the right direction.

But let me rewind a bit…I grew up and lived in the Dallas, Texas area for the first 28 years of my life. Traveling had always been a mild obsession (that has since spiraled out of control) so when my (then) boyfriend’s job offered him a 2 year assignment in Brussels, Belgium, well…it was a no brainer that I would pack up my things and ship over seas with him.  When his assignment ended, we got married back in Big D and were sent to Stamford, Connecticut where we stayed for two years and then were sent to Memphis, Tennessee… how’s that for culture shock?!

Our travels have slowed a bit but we are really excited to be continuing our exploration of the United States and beyond!

So viola! There you have it…I hope you find this blog helpful in your aspirations for the well traveled, shabby suitcase!

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