In-Flight Beauty Helper

In-flight travel can get ugly, really fast! Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way to keep you feeling pretty!

Avoid the ponytail or risk that uncomfortable feeling of a knob on the back of your head resting against the head rest. Oh the number of headaches I’ve had from this mistake…

If you’re easily prone to oily hair (and I can vouch even dry hair gets oily in the stale airplane air), then consider packing some travel-sized dry shampoo you can easily tussle in your hair and ALWAYS carry a travel hairbrush!

A silk scarf can go a long way wrapped around hair. This is most helpful for curly hair or hair that is simply curled.

First of all, what carry-on make up is allowed outside the infamous zip lock bag? Lipsticks (not glosses), pencils, mascara and powders are all OK to pack in a carry-on outside your zip lock bag.  I suggest getting samples from your local makeup counters to easily throw in your zip locks as they take up less space. If you travel frequently, you may want to invest in some travel-sized makeup must-haves.

travel size

travel size

I like to travel with make-up remover pads in my carryon for international flights that typically take off later in the evenings. Flying with a fresh face will help avoid blemishes the next day from stale makeup.

makeup remover pads

makeup remover pads

Visine eye drops not only will take the red eye out of your red eye flight but also dry up that blemish that’s starting to pop up!

If nothing else, slap on some concealer under your eye and down the rim of your nose for a quick fresh face!

In a pinch, a shade of red/pink lipstick will smooth across the cheeks and act as a blush to give you that just-woke-up fresh glow.

Ok so don’t laugh because I bet you find yourself doing this…. Those toilet seat covers in the airport bathrooms are perfect for taking the oil off your face and reducing that shine. Stash one in your carry-on before boarding a plane.

use seat covers as oil blotters

those are the ones!

Remember! If you’re applying make-up on the plane, reconsider using that non-potable water from the bathroom sink! It’s filthy and will only be applying germs to your face that you’ve already worked so hard to avoid!

Finally, get sleep and drink plenty of water! Dehydrated skin and baggy eyes will leave you looking less than stellar.

Please share your favorite in-flight beauty tips!




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