This awesome college town is worth the visit when you have time in Belgium. I prefer it over Brugge any day of the week! It’s very cute!

Be sure not to miss the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb Altarpiece painted by a Flemish artist, Hubert Van Eyck. You must pay a small fee to see it but it comes with an incredibly long audio to listen to about the piece and how it was painted and what it means. Hitler thought it was so amazing, he tried to steal it.

For dinner, we liked to take our guests to Pak Huis when visiting us in Brussels. It’s an old contemporary arts building serving traditional Flemish food. Request to sit on the second floor!

When Pak Huis wasn’t available, we had dinner at Resto Allegro which is right on the canal. It has a unique décor and delicious food.   The view outside of this resto up on the bridge is quite eerie looking. It always reminded me of a scene from Dracula!

Ghent at night

Ghent at night

In the off chance you’re visiting in February, do check out the Gent Licht Festival!

Other foodie recommendation to us: The House of Elliott


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