Krakow is one of those places you go to for the educational value of visiting the concentration camps…the stamp left on the city from Auschwitz (although a couple hours away) is noticeable but I encourage everyone to appreciate this town for what it is and enjoy the other intricacies that Krakow has to offer.

As my husband was here for work the week prior, we stayed at the Radisson Blu near the city center. It doesn’t have the quaint Polish character but it is clean and comfortable with a friendly staff.

We had dinner at Ancora which was a nice treat near our hotel and the city center. Request to sit downstairs instead of the entry way which isn’t as nice.

We also found a fantastic sushi spot at Youmiko Sushi and even wanted to go back it was so tasty! Its difficult to find good sushi in Europe by American standards but this certainly hit the spot!


We went with Escape2Poland for our tour of Auschwitz at the recommendation of some friends who previously visited. They picked us up from our hotel in a van and we drove out to the concentration camp. They showed us a documentary on our way there to help pass the time. There is a small restaurant at the camp for people to pick up snacks, but we found that there wasn’t time so bring something to snack on as it is a long day!

There is also Phil Clark with Krakow Tours if the above is already booked.

On a lighter note…

DO check out the Wieliczka Salt Mine! This place is AMAZING! They have WEDDINGS here! The tour itself is great and not too long. NOT to be missed!

Also, we took a bike tour around Krakow as it was a beautiful day. It was well worth it and our tour guide spoke great English.

Do see the Krakow Castle and wait for the fire breathing dragons to roar their flames every half hour.



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