Prague makes for a great weekend trip! The best way to leave a city is to leave content but longing for more and that’s exactly what this trip was for us!  Fortunately, a friend whom we met in Brussels, Marta, grew up in or around Prague and was able to give us her favorite recommendations:

We stayed at Hotel Leonardo. It was comfortable and very convenient to everything so I would recommend it.


We had a “fancy” dinner at V Zatisi as recommended by Marta. They have a pay-by-number of courses concept and it was really delish and the service was great. The decor was also quite interesting!

Cafe Louvre – Marta said “This is a coffee house (it’s on the 2nd floor/1st floor by Euro standards) and great to drop in if you’re too cold. They make the best hot chocolate ever! My Canadian husband makes me go back every time we’re in Prague… it’s more of a meal, it’s so rich!”

A friend of ours stayed an extra night in Prague and had dinner at School and enjoyed it. Request the queens thrown to sit in!

We also went to Restaurant Mlynec and liked it.

Hemingway Bar – Marta said  “This is a cool place for cocktails… I like it. ” We didn’t have an opportunity to drop in but it was quite conveniently located right across from our hotel.

More finds

Black Light Theater is unique to Czech… we went to one show called “Aspects of Alice” and it was BIZARRE! We had no problem getting tickets at the door and definitely the day of. It’s rather short so it’s not an investment for the full evening. I think this is a must do if you’re looking to absorb the culture!

I loved the Dancing House and made it a mission to see after seeing them in an article on architecture. It is an easy walk from Charles Bridge along the river.

Dancing House

Dancing House

I LOVED the John Lennon graffiti wall…but I’m a Beatles sucker…though it made for some fun pictures.

John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

Prague Castle – you can’t get out of Prague without stopping in Prague Castle. The castle is situated atop the hill overlooking Prague. It is very picturesque from afar at night and the views on top of the hill of the city are a sight to see.

We went to the Ice Bar in Prague…we had never done it before but enjoyed it and took silly pictures.  It’s really convenient to the Charles Bridge and an easy drop in.

Check out a Jewish Cemetery…a little strange to mention but they’re eerily beautiful and the history behind how people are buried is quite fascinating. Because the Jews were limited in their burial grounds, it wasn’t uncommon to have burial sites that are 10 coffins deep in the ground. Because of all the movement, you can see how the headstones have shifted in what makes this cemetery perfect for a horror movie.

Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Cemetery

Don’t miss the Spanish Synagogue – it’s BEAUTIFUL and some argue it’s the most beautiful synagogue in all of Europe. The colors and gold decor won’t disappoint!

Spanish Synagogue

Spanish Synagogue – this photo was a sneak shot which turned out terribly…but you get the idea!


I absolutely loved going into the marionette stores off Nerudova Street. There’s something oddly creepy and intriguing by all the marionette dolls hanging from the walls and ceilings. Most are handmade (be sure to verify!) and would look really nice on a child’s book shelf. I regret not making a purchase for one of my own!

You will also find a number of artists selling their work on Charles Bridge….and mostly OF Charles Bridge.  Ask the vendor if they have a tube for shipping or for storage in your suitcase.

Also check out bohemian crystal and Garnet. You’ll find a lot of stores with pieces on sale around Old Town Square.



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