I think Billy Joel said it best, “Vienna waits for you!”  We went during the winter to take advantage of the Christmas market. COLD was the best word to describe Vienna that time of year; nonetheless, we had an amazing time!

We stayed at the Rathaus Hotel in Vienna.  It was a great location, clean and comfortable. We went with another couple and all of us were happy to have stayed there and recommend it.  The breakfast was fantastic with an added bonus of fresh squeezed orange juice…my favorite!


 Haas Beisl has traditional Austrian food – Margaretenstrasse 74, Vienna 1050, Austria (27 minute walk from opera house)

A good local find for us was Reinthaler’s Beisl

Salzamt Wein – this got really good value comments and the menu is hand written and scanned .  Ruprechtsplatz 1, Vienna, Austria (8 minute walk from opera house)

Have brunch at the beautiful Café Central where famous Austrians have eaten. Even Hitler has tried to sell his paintings to customers in this cafe pre killing spree.  Don’t forget to grab the famous Sachertorte while here!

Also, don’t overlook the Wienerschnitzel stands!  They’re quite delish!

Christmas Market Eating

Christmas Market Eating

Don’t miss on the menu: the Fladlesupp, Wienerschnitzel, Ragout

Things to do

Since Vienna is the official home of Mozart, it only seemed appropriate to catch a Mozart concert in his own home…  We booked with Classictic well in advance. The show was not too long and the quartet was beautiful. One in particular stole the show as she was so involved in the music that it literally lifted her out of her chair…on numerous occasions!  Singerstrasse 7, A-1010 Austria

Mozart Concert at Mozart's House

Mozart Concert at Mozart’s House

DO go into the Stephensdom church. It’s very beautiful and just off the shopping district. In the winter, this street is heavily decorated and lit up with a large Christmas tree just in front of Stephensdom Church.

Streets of Vienna

Streets of Vienna

The Hofburg Palace is also a spectacle and get there by going through the Volksgarten.  It was so cold when we were there that even the plants needed coats!

One of the Christmas markets was in front of the Rathaus so we only scoped out the exterior. If you get the chance, go inside!

Vienna was also home to one of my favorite Opera Houses…but then again, they all become my favorite!

Opera House

Opera House




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