Isle of Capri

We came to Capri on a day trip from Sorrento.  You can get tickets at the marina for the trip over and the boats run back and forth throughout the day.

Take the cable car up and enjoy the views as you ride.

We ate lunch at Donna Rachele  and sat on the balcony as the weather was amazing on this particular day. The service was great along with the house wine. The pizza with stuffed crust was some of the best we had tried in Italy. I had the scallops that were AMAZING. My pasta noodles were under cooked but overall – a good experience.

The tide was too high for us to visit the Blue Grotto and I was hugely disappointed. However, the island offers enough to keep you busy throughout the day and we enjoyed it nonetheless.

In Capri, I LOVED the perfumery called Carthusia. Located at Viale Matteotti, 2d, Capri.  They make their own perfume in this factory and sell various scents and soaps. This place is great for gifts and treats for yourself. The aroma spills out onto the sidewalk outside the store so you can’t miss it.

Carthusia is also very close to the Gardens of Augustus. It’s a small fee to get in but it’s really lovely, smells amazing and has breathtaking views of the water. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Just past the Gardens of Augustus is the roadway to Marina Piccola, Via Krupp. We had also planned to trot down the stacks to the marina but for an unexplained reason, the road was closed.

to Marina Piccola, Via Krupp

to Marina Piccola, Via Krupp

For a treat, check out the shoemaker shops where you can buy personalized sandals on the spot and wait about 15 minutes for the shoemaker to make them.  My tip: walk around in them when you try them on to make sure they don’t slip off your feet. My strap won’t stay on my heel and I think that would have been an easy fix.

Sandal Maker

Sandal Maker



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